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Inappropriate and Interruptions Chapter 2

Media: Fic
Title: Inappropriate and Interruptions Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: AU after Original Songs
Warnings: Some Phonesex, SoloWank
Word Count: 2331
Summary: Kurt is back at Mckinley, and Blaine picks him up after school to go on a coffee date. Blaine is drinking his coffee in a way that funnily enough makes coffee the last thing on Kurts mind.
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of the characters.
A/N: First Kurt/Blaine fic, and first fic I've written for a long time.

Inappropriate and Interruptions Chapter 2



“Are you home?”

The 3 words a guy does not want to hear after his first boyfriend induced orgasm.

“Shit, shit, shit” I hiss, pushing Blaine away, scrambling to get myself in order.

“Oh my god” Blaine says, rolling away, and landing in a heap on the floor before bursting into laughter.

“Blaine, shit, oh crap! Blaine, come on! Move! Bathroom, now! You can’t be in the same room as me and my dad right now. I can’t even.... Blaine!” I’m getting hysterical now, hearing my dad’s heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Okay okay” Blaine says through his laughter, stumbling into my ensuite, as I make sure I’m zipped up and tucked in.

My door bangs open just and I sit up poker straight.

“Dad” I spit out, still breathless.

“Kurt. Didn’t you hear me call?” Dad asks, looking around the room suspiciously.

“What? Oh, yeah. Blaine’s in the bathroom, we were just catching up on the latest vogue issue.” I say, but why? New Vogue doesn’t arrive for another 9 days. He won’t know that.

“Right” dad says, looking at the bed. The ruffled up bed. The ruffled up bed with not one Vogue magazine on it.


“Blaine took in the bathroom with him. I guess we’re a bit too comfortable around each other now. Hah....Okay, that’s too much information...hah” Oh for the love of... what am I even saying anymore? I feel my face breaking out into a deep flush.

“Well, next time you have a friend over can you put your things away? I nearly broke my neck tripping over the bags you left lying around by the front door. In a rush to get upstairs?”

“Right. Yeah, sorry. Vogue was calling us. Urgently. You should have seen who was on the cover, and what she was wearing. I mean, Come on right? That colour... very last season” I stutter and blabber on. Shut UP Kurt, seriously, could I actually be any more obvious? Hey dad, yeah me and Blaine just came on my bed, it was freaking awesome. Guh.

“Okay, well I only bought enough ingredients for the two of us tonight for your special green no carb, no fat meal, seeing as Carole and Finn are out, so if Blaine is staying for dinner you’ll have to cook something else” Dad finally gets out, his gaze on my floor.

“Okay, thanks dad. I’m not sure if he can stay but yeah. Okay. No problem. Good.” Seriously, what is wrong with me? My brain has gone to mush due to the mind blowing orgasm I had, less than 30 seconds ago.

“Right, game’s on. I’ll be down stairs” he says before turning on his heel, leaving my room.

Before he shuts the door and I can breathe a sigh of relief though;

“If Blaine does stay for dinner, tell him I expect him to wear a shirt at the table”

I stare at the closing door with wide eyes, my flush spreading down my neck.


Oh crap, I lean over the side of my bed to see Blaine’s shirt on the floor, in plain view from my bedroom door.

Shit. I fall back on my bed, with a groan.

“Kurt? Your dad doesn’t have a shot gun, does he?”


Blaine doesn’t stay for dinner. Too much homework is the excuse, but I’m pretty sure he’s thinking what I’m thinking; it’s too soon to see the dad of your boyfriend when he’s caught you in a ...... Compromising position.

“I’ll call you later” Blaine says at the door, hands resting lightly on my hips, mine on his very nicely defined arms.

“Okay” I say with a smile, looking into his deep, chocolate brown eyes as he drags me forward for a soft kiss, before whispering against my lips “I love you”.

And then he’s gone, and I’m leaning against my closed door, not actually believing it’s possible to be this happy.

“KURT” Dad shouts from the living room.

Well, that happiness was short lived.

“Yeah, dad?” I mumble, walking into the living room.

“Sit down Kurt” he says, eyes not leaving the game.

I sit down stiffly at the edge of the sofa, and an uncomfortable silence settles around us.

“I don’t trust him” is all he says, breaking the silence.

“What? Dad, come on. I’m sorry you walked in on.... whatever you walked in on. But..”

“Kurt, listen to me. Not too long ago, Blaine was telling me to have a sex talk with you. And now I walk in on you two.... I fell for the caring friend act when really all he wanted was to prepare you for him, to swoop in and...and take advantage of you”

“No, dad! No....Blaine was being sincere when he spoke to you. He was being a caring friend. He was also just being oblivious of his true feelings for me. It’s different now. He’s different. And I’d rather not talk about it with you. Okay?” I let out quietly, flushing bright red; totally mortified that sex is yet again the topic of our conversation.

“So you two.... are an item now?” he asks, gaze still on the match.

“Yes, dad. Blaine... He’s my boyfriend” I can’t help but smile whenever I say it.

Another silence.

“Is he pressuring you?”

“NO! Dad, come on. Please, can we not talk about this” I say, covering my face with my hands, starting to rise from the sofa.

“Kurt” he reaches out a hand and grabs my arm. I turn to look at him, face still flushed.

“Do you remember what we talked about?” He asks, finally looking at me in the eye.

“Oh for the love of, yes dad. Use protection, STD’s, Wait until I’m thirty. Please stop talking about this” I groan out, pulling my arm away and heading to the kitchen.

“No, Kurt” he says, sounding serious. I stop but don’t turn back to facing him.

“I just meant.....You matter Kurt. Always remember that. And if Blaine realises that, then I guess he’s an alright kid. And I just don’t want you to forget that, just because this whole....relationship is new and exciting for you, okay?” he’s saying to me.

I turn my head slightly to the side, my eyes slightly moist “Yeah, thanks dad.”

Silence settles around us again.

“Now, I’m starving and the dinner you’re making sure does sounds..... interesting”

I guess the sex talk is finally over, so with a smile I go start on dinner.


“Any awkwardness with your dad once I’d left then?” Blaine asks on the phone later that night, as I lay on top of my bed in my pj’s. Is it weird that I can totally hear the smirk in his voice?

“Yes, actually. He brought up the whole sex talk situation.” I reply, facing heating up remembering both sex talks. “How is it I’ve had two of those embarrassing talks in the space of a few weeks? Not fair.”

My outrage is met with laughter.

“Don’t laugh; it’ entirely your fault anyway, due to you forcing him into having “the talk” with me in the first place. He now strongly believes you’re just out to defile me of my innocence” I say with some sas. Hah, that stopped him laughing.

“Oh my ..... Are you being serious? Like, does he not like me?” he says after some silence, and with maybe a slight tremble of fear in is voice?

“I may have convinced him you were just oblivious to your feelings for me then, and you were acting as a friend when you talked to him, and not a creeper” I reply with some laughter.

“Oh, okay. But I guess my plans have been foiled. That was my ultimate goal; do rid you of your innocence, one orgasm at a time”

“....ha” mentioning the word orgasm makes the memory of earlier burst to the fore front of my mind, making it hard to form coherent words again.

“Kurt, joke. Come on, you know how I feel” he says quietly.

“I know.....I was just thinking about earlier. It was.... really great, wasn’t it?”

“God, yeah. Your dad was kind of the ultimate cock block. I would have definitely been up for round two otherwise” Blain sighs.

“Blaine!” I say, shocked, but more than a little turned on.

“Babe, we’ve wasted a lot of weeks singing flirty duets and drinking coffee when we could have been doing .... that. I’m just trying to play catch up here, it’s the right thing to do” he says, his tone playful.

 “Blaine...” this time I say his name quieter, on an exhale of a deep breath. Is it weird that him calling me babe, is really turning me on?

“You were so hot, earlier Kurt” Blaine murmurs.

“I... uh” the ability to speak seems to have left me yet again, but a rise in my body temperature seems imminent as I feel my face flush for about the billionth time that day.

“The way you looked, your eyes so dark. And God, your mouth, and those sounds...” Blaine carries on, his breathing a little heavier.

“Sounds?” I ask, my tone a pit pitchy and breathless. His voice sends shivers down my spine, and I move restlessly on my bed feeling a now very familiar tingle shoot down my cock.

“Yes, Kurt. The groans, the swearing, I mean even when I couldn’t understand what you were saying it didn’t matter because it was so freaking hot” his breath hitching between his words.

“Blaine... are you...?” I ask, panting slightly. How does he do these things to my body?

“No...Well not really. I just, okay maybe a little. Kurt, you have no idea what you do to me” he exhales, and I hear rustling through the phone.

“You.... you too. I mean, you turn me on too. Like when your hands are all over me, like you can’t get enough” I get out, my heart beating against my chest, my breathing becoming more and more erratic. My free hand clutching at nothing, nails digging into my hand and a flash of pain/pleasure shoots straight through to the pit of my stomach.

“Yeah? Well, I can’t. You just, you do things to me. Make me wanna touch you, pull you in, make you scream and just totally devour you”

I unclench my hand and let it slowly drift across my chest, fingers slightly grazing my peaked nipples. Are we about to have phone sex?

Fuck, this is hot.

“Fuck” I pant down the phone.

“Yeah, Kurt .... I’m gunna” he says, and I hear more rustling and then a heated deep groan that makes my cock twitch.

I feel sweat forming on my forehead, as my breathing gets heavier. I let my fingers run at the edge of my pyjama bottoms, just teasing the sensitive skin before pushing my hand down to grab my dick.


“Night Kurt, don’t stay up to late” Dad yells as he passes my door, giving it a good knock on his way past.

“Ahh” I yelp, jumping about a foot off my bed, dropping the phone and pulling my hand out of my pj’s as fast as lightning.

“Kurt....are you okay?” My dad yells through the door.

“YES! For fu... yes dad. Fine. Night” I yell back, blood pounding through my ears. My fingers are shaking as I pick up the phone.

All I hear is hysterical laughter at the other end of the line.

“Blaine.... So not funny! That could have been mortifying!”

“Sorry, babe. Oh, my god. Your dad, the official cock block in this relationship”

“I’m glad you find it so amusing”

“I’m sorry, maybe tonight’s not the night. Tomorrow night though, still up for our date? Dinner and a movie? We could go see that film with all the bad reviews, because let’s not pretend were even gunna watch it” he says with a dark tone to his voice. A tone that should be banned when he’s not right next to me, because it does certain things to my libido that I could really use his help with.

“Yeah, okay. Tomorrow. Date night. I can’t wait”

“Me either. Speak to you tomorrow then babe” he says softly.

I really could get used to these pet names. Who knew they could be so.... erotic.

“Yeah, good night Blaine”

“Night Kurt, I love you”

“I love you too”

The phone goes dead, and I still can’t get his voice out of my head.

I get under the covers, face still burning and cock still hard due to the fact that we nearly had phone sex. Fuck it, we did have phone sex, just without the release.

A release I could still do with, because I’m a teenage boy and it takes a lot more than a small scare to get rid of a hard on.

I just need to get to sleep, then it will be tomorrow and we can....have our date night.

The lights are off, and I furrow down into my bed, and I can smell Blaine all around me.


And now all I can think about is how his hot breath felt against my ear, his tongue wrapped around mine, sucking it into his own mouth, his body hot and heavy on top of mine.

My hips twitch and all of a sudden I can’t resist reaching hand down there, imagining Blaine’s guitar calloused hands wrapping around my cock.

I know it won’t take long because I’m already on the edge and he’s just so fucking hot. I pump into my hand hard, fucking it, imagining Blaine’s hand there and Blaine’s tongue is in my mouth and Blaine’s grunt is heavy in my ear. I bore down on myself once, twice more and my hips snap into the air and freeze as I groan out Blaine’s name roughly as my release covers my hand.

Tomorrow night can’t come any faster.


Hope you like! About to start writing Chapter 3, so stay tuned!

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ffffldflfdgkfjd more please! ;D

HEEEEEEEEE! OMG, I'm loving this so, so much. :D


Haha, Blaine's adorable and such a little horny bastard!

HOT! I love you Burt but I think I speak for everyone when I say... GO AWAY!
I'm still laughing at Burt!

Damn! So hot.
*fans self*

Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this fic and everything that is Burt Hummel :P

Amazing job :)

Phone sex is just, yum.

And I love protective Burt. He really loves his kid.

“Babe, we’ve wasted a lot of weeks singing flirty duets and drinking coffee when we could have been doing .... that. I’m just trying to play catch up here, it’s the right thing to do” Best sentence evr.
Also, gah, I never thought there would be a time in which I'd hate Burt a bit.
ok, I'll admit it, it's impossible to hate burt. But still...
Thanks for writing!

Love it! Will there be more?

OMG this was so funny... I laugh so hard when Burt mention the shirt of Blaine XD

I really can't wait for next chapter... really great!

btw, sorry I think my english write sucks!


That was so freaking amazing. Seriously. I love it. Blaine is so hot laskdjsdakjf I read the two Chapters and now I need more.

I laughed with the "YOU MATTER, KURT" xD and Burt, I love you but GTFO and stop cockblocking, this fandom has enough with the damn keyboard.

I'm adding this to Memories if you don't mind. Keep doing what you're doing, it's awesome. <3

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