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Inappropriate and Interruptions Chapter 1

Media: Fic
Title: Inappropriate and Interruptions
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: AU after Original Songs
Warnings: Frottage
Word Count: 2107
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of the characters.
A/N: First Kurt/Blaine fic, and first fic I've written for a long time.

“D-Dad? Finn? Carole?” I call when I get in, just to make sure no one’s in. I feel two arms slipping around my waist, as he smothers my neck and shoulders in kisses.

“Nobody’s in” He whispers into my ear, and I’m tremble as his breath ghost over my neck.

“Let’s go to my room” I breathe, and start towards the stairs, grabbing his hand as we break into a run


Inappropriate and Interruptions


I’ll only be missing Blaine for 15 more minutes. 15 more minutes of this ‘straight from the book’ geography lesson and I’ll get to see him.

14 more minutes. Why can’t this school day be over all ready?

Don’t get me wrong, I love being back at McKinley. Singing in New Directions again is great. Laughing at Rachel’s latest pony jumper with Mercedes is great. Having a diva off with Rachel over the next solo is great.

Not seeing Blaine every day? Not so great.

Especially since the kiss. We’ve finally become something. We’ve finally become more than friends. I, Kurt Hummel, finally have a boyfriend. Someone I can hold hands with, someone I can kiss whenever I want....Well, not whenever I want. Not since I transferred back to McKinley.

Fuck, I miss him.

8 more minutes.

Last time I saw Blaine was over a week ago now. He dropped me home after an intense make out session in the back seat of his car. Heavy breathing, desperate hands, muffled groans, no release.

I guess I’m still not completely comfortable with the whole idea of actual sex yet. It’s hard to imagine sex with a guy who not too long ago told me I wasn’t sexy. Can you blame a guy for being insecure? When we do make out though, my insecurities do to tend to fly out the window. Especially when all I can hear is his hot and heavy breath in my ear, and all I can feel are his rough hands dragging over my body and pulling me in. I can feel how into it he is, and his tongue running across my lips....

Ok, new line of thought because geography lesson is not the time for an inappropriate hard on.

Bell rings and I’m straight out the door, out the front entrance to the car park and my stomach explodes in butterflies when I see him. He’s leaning against his 4x4 in his very nicely fitted Dalton uniform. Another thing I miss.

“Hey!” he says when he notices me, smiling his mega watt smile that makes my heart thump heavily against my chest. Once I get close enough he reaches out a hand to lace our fingers together, and pulls me in close to brush his lips against my cheek.

“H-Hi” I say a bit breathless. How does he turn me into a stuttering mess in less than 30 seconds?

“Still up for a caffeine kick? I saw a sweet little coffee shop just down the road” he asks while opening the passenger door with his free hand.

“Yeah.... anything... I missed you” I stutter, just plain flustered from my feelings.

He stops, and looks my dead in the eye with a soft smile on his face. He leans in close again and breathes against my mouth “I missed you too” before closing the short distance to bring our lips together in a soft, slightly open mouthed kiss. It only lasts a second, but we both pull away taking in shaky breaths.

“hmm, intense” he hums, before pulling away completely and walking to the other side of the car.

I climb into the car shakily, my feelings coursing through me, deep down in my bones. Like a slick kind of electricity pounding its way through my veins. Yeah, intense.

The atmosphere in the car feels charged as we drive to the coffee shop. A hum of sexual energy brushing over us gently, constantly.

We hit a red light and Blaine reaches a hand over to rest on my thigh, looking over at me. He gives me a gentle squeeze, and a slow smile before looking away and getting into gear again, while I just try to remember to breathe.

We sit in a booth with our coffees and a few biscotti biscuits to share. Blaine is resting one hand on my thigh as he fills me in on the latest Warbler gossip.

“And Wes got really annoyed and used his gavel way more than usual....” he pauses to take a glug of coffee before carrying on. I don’t hear another word though because all I can concentrate on is the way his throat works as he swallows the coffee. And the way he licks a stray crumb of biscotti off his bottom lip. Is he trying to get me hard on purpose? I try to shift without him noticing to slightly readjust, but his hand is still resting on my thigh and it’s getting a little too tight down there that’s socially acceptable in a public place.

He takes his hand off my thigh, but before I can sigh with relief I see what he’s doing with that hand. He’s reaching up to loosen his tie and undoing the top button of his white oxford shirt. His fingers working the knot of his tie, slowly working it loose, I don’t think I can take much more of this.....

“Huh? Take much more of what?” Blaine utters, confusion painted across his face.

Crap. That was out loud. Okay.

“I just... I mean..The drinking, and... I just want...” I stumble and stop. ‘I just want to suck the coffee off your tongue’ seem a tad inappropriate for a coffee shop.

“What do you want Kurt?” Blaine asks, reaching across to take my hands in his, apparently oblivious the effect he is having on my raging hormones.

“You. No, I mean...I, yeah. Do you wanna just head back to mine now? Dad will still be at the garage, Finns over Quinn’s house. You’re swallowing your coffee, and I... I just want to be alone with you” I rush out, lacing our fingers together, hoping he doesn’t notice how clammy my hands are.

Blaine seems frozen, staring at me with wide, dark eyes before asking “What about Carole?”

“Out. Dinner before bingo with friends on a Thursday” I reply, unsure of what he’s thinking. “If you want to star here and finish your coff...”

Blaine cuts me off by leaning across and planting a quick and hard kiss on my lips.

“Let’s go” he breathes against my lips.


The drive back is over in a flash of heated glances and slow smiles.

We reach the house, and I stumble towards the door, the keys shaking in my hand.

“D-Dad? Finn? Carole?” I call when I get in, just to make sure no one’s in. I feel two arms slipping around my waist, as he smothers my neck and shoulders in kisses.

“Nobody’s in” He whispers into my ear, and I’m tremble as his breath ghost over my neck.

“Let’s go to my room” I breathe, and start towards the stairs, grabbing his hand as we break into a run.

We stumble into my room, giggling and grabbing at each other as I shut the door behind us.

Blaine grabs my hand and pulls me towards him, sliding one hand to the base of my spine, pulling me in as his lips fall to mine. He slides his other hand into my hair deepening the kiss as my hands go to his waist. As Blaine bites my lip with his teeth, pulling at it playfully I can’t help but flash back to the last time we were in this room. Pulling embarrassing ‘unsexy’ faces at the mirror. I pull my face away from his, looking down in embarrassment at the memory.


“Sorry, to hard?” Blaine mumbles, leaning his forehead against my head.

“No, that was...that was nice. Ha, more than nice” I mumble. “Last time we were here, you said I wasn’t sexy” I breathe gently.

Blaine hand on my back clenches and the hand in my hair slides down my neck to my chin, tilting my head up so I have to meet his eyes.

“Kurt. You are the sexiest guy I have ever met, without even trying. Do you remember singing “Baby, its Cold Outside”? You were breathtaking. That red shirt you wore to Rachel’s party? Sexy. Admitting to loving scarf’s more than football? Cute as hell. Kurt, I know it took me some time to realise all this, but trust me when I say this. I’m in love with you. I love every cute smile, every snarky quip, every sexy as hell pair of skinny jeans you own. I love you, so much. Let me prove that to you” His voice has gone deep and gravely by the end, and his lips are crashing down on mine.

We meet in a desperate, heated kiss as we make our way to the bed. I climb on first pulling Blaine on top of me. I want to feel how much he wants me, all over me. I want to feel sexy.

Blaine slides a leg between mine, and gently pushed into me as his lips slide down my throat. I let out a quiet groan as he licks and sucks his way across my throat, his hands heatedly touching me everywhere.

“I can’t believe last time I was in this bed I was too drunk to appreciate the possibilities” he murmurs into my ear, tugging at the lobe and making me pull in a sharp breath.

“Shut up, Blaine” I force out before sliding my fingers into his curly locks and pulling his lips back to mine. Our kisses become all tongue and teeth and passion. I drag my hands to the edge of his shirt, pulling it out of his trousers so I can run my hands across his taut stomach.

He gasps and sits up. I grab at him, to pull him back to my lips and he lets out a breathy laugh.

“Let me just take this off” he whispers, unbuttoning his shirt slowly, chest heaving.

When his shirt off, I run my hands up and down his chest, fingers grazing his nipples making him shiver. How am I this lucky? I pull him back down for a steaming kiss, his hands running down my trousers, cupping my arousal.

I groan loudly, pushing forward into the pressure and scraping my nails down his back. Blaine continues to stroke me through my trousers, sucking my tongue into his mouth simultaneously. I’m in a sensual overload, and it’s pure fucking pleasure.

His lips slide down my throat and up to my ear, and he’s just panting into my ear, while slowly pulling down my zip.

I start to shift, needing more pressure, harder, faster and Blaine falls forward slightly and then our erections come in contact with each other and we both let out deep, guttural moans.

“God, Kurt” Blaine lets out, as he pushed his hips forward into mine.

I can’t get anything out except moan deeply into Blaine’s mouth, which seems to spur Blaine on. My hands slide down his back, to grab his tight ass, pulling him impossible closer.

One of Blaine hands slides down my thigh, hitching my leg up, bringing everything together, closer, harder.

We start to set a rhythm, the tempo building as the pleasure increases. Were thrusting into each other, tongues messily duelling, our breathing erratic and loud in each other’s mouths.

Blaine drags his mouth away from mine to attack my neck again. He bites and sucks and licks anything he can, while pumping his hips into mine faster and harder.

And it’s too much. My hips are snapping up into Blaine’s, my cock is leaking and straining and I’m seconds away from having the most intense orgasm of my life when Blaine breathes

“Fuck, Kurt, Now” in my ear and I explode.

Eyes tight shut because of the blinding white light, mouth wide open in a silent scream and my hips raised in one last thrust as empty my mind blowing release into my boxers.

Blaine must have come at the same time, because when I come round he’s collapsed on top of me, panting into my ear, kissing my throat lazily. I wish I had seen his come face, but I guess there’s always next time.

Next time.

I let out a laugh, bathing in the afterglow of my first orgasm with my boyfriend. And the fact they’ll be a second time. And a third time, because Blaine is my boyfriend, who loves me, and we just made each other come.

Blaine rolls off of me; “You laughing after the best orgasm of my life does not bode well for my ego” he gets out, his breathing still heavy.

I turn to reply, with a smile on my face when we both hear the SLAM of the front door.

Our eyes widen as we hear my dad yelling up the stairs

“Kurt? Are you home?”



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